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Beyes AirLight M800-S Handpiece, To Fit Star Coupler

  • $540.00

AirLight® High Speed Air Handpiece – Standard or Mini Head, Push Button Autochuck, LED Light, Triple Spray Water

AirLight® High Speed Handpieces provide extraordinary torque to ensure powerful cutting.  The truly innovative design of this handpiece incorporates Direct-LED Light powered by its built-in highly efficient micro generator.  This cutting edge technology allows the operator to have a clear illuminated operative field without the electrical requirement of current power optic systems. The Direct-LED is brighter with a larger light pattern than the traditional power optic systems.


Beyes AirLight M800-S Features

  • No fiber optic tubing required from your dental unit
  • AirLight eliminates the expenses of fiber optic tubing, installation charges, and expensive bulbs.
  • LED light provides superior illumination.
  • Color correction similar to daylight
  • Covers larger area compared to conventional fiber optic light patterns.
  • Ceramic ball bearings
  • Quick disconnect
  • Swivel
  • Standard or Mini Head available
  • 3-port coolant spray
  • Push-button auto chuck
  • Only weighs 124 grams
  • Standard ISO 4 hole configuration
  • Autoclavable:  135°C/275F
  • Speed:  400,000 rpm
  • Quiet operation

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