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Our highly trained dental handpiece repair specialists offer reliable service for a variety of makes and models. In addition to offering free pickup and delivery, we also offer fast and reliable turnaround time.

Dental Handpiece Repair Services


You can trust our experts with your high and low speed handpiece repairs. We are honored to the opportunity to serve you with any of your dental handpieces needs.

When requested, we will first provide you with a free estimate for each handpiece we receive. This will allow you a preview to the value and services we offer our customers.

THC will repair your dental high speeds, low speeds, attachments, and scalers from every major dental handpiece manufacturer.

We know you are dedicated to your patients and you have no time for hassles. Therefore, we are focused on quality service, quick repair time and convenient delivery.

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So What is a High Speed Turbine Rebuild?

Typically, when your handpiece stops working, it is a result of the bearings within the turbine that are worn, frozen or just destroyed and need replacement. High Speed Dental Handpiece Turbine RebuildDepending on the size on the practice and number of handpieces, our turbine rebuild offers customers a cost-effective alternative to the replacement of the complete turbine every time. We replace all bearings and any other parts too worn to be used again. After a thorough inspection and cleaning of the housing, we install new bearings, O-rings, any seals required, calibrate and test your handpiece, and return it to you running in new-like condition.



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Unfortunately, sometimes the repair just isn’t an option or the cost does not warrant the repair. That’s why THC also offers replacement handpieces. We have a wide selection of the high quality handpieces to suite your needs. New Dental Handpiece Sales

Our goal is to provide the best products to our clients at competitive prices and rest assured that THC stands behind our products and services. For this reason, we offer excellent warranties on products, parts, and services.


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Satisfaction Guaranteed on Hanpiece Repar ServicesWe at The Handpiece Center take pride in the work we do. Every handpiece is carefully inspected, repaired and tested to perform in accordance with manufacturer’s standards and specifications. We warranty all parts and labor for the complete period. During the warranty period, we will repair or replace any defective parts without charge.

Item(s) that experience problems or fail during the warranty period must be sent to THC for evaluation and repair. THC’s warranty covers all repair defects. Warranties do not cover repairs resulting from improper maintenance, misuse or mishandling. It is the responsibility of the owner to ensure that your handpiece(s) are being maintained as per manufacturer specifications. Lack of proper maintenance, misuse or mishandling may void the warranty. THC has the discretion to void any warranty should they deem the handpiece has been cared for improperly.

Service of products during the warranty period does not extend the warranty period. The warranty period begins at the " original invoice date" of the invoice. The invoice will serve as proof of warranty. Any request for warranty service must be accompanied by a copy of the original invoice.

For a detail of warranty periods for repairs, click here

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